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Kalsoom Mother Care Trust

Kalsoom Mother Care Trust (KMCTrust) is a Non Profit Organization Registered From The Government Of Pakistan. Our Aim is to Serve Mankind Specially Poors, Orphans, Widows and Old age Peoples in Every Possible Manner. Also Provide Free Education support to Poors and Orphans, Quran Learning Academy is also Functional and Wedding Expense Support is Also Provided.

Al-Latif Free Medical Center

KMCTrust Recently takes another Step for Helping Poors by Opening Free Dispensary Service naming Al-Latif Free Medical Center where Every Medicine is given Free of Cost.

Maktab Noor-ul-Quraan

KMCTrust is also running Islamic Madrisa named Maktab Noor-ul-Quran for children providing religious education free of cost.


Old Age Home

KMCTrust also Help Old Age Homeless People by Providing them Free Residence, Food, Cloths, Medicines etc. Hence try to accomodate them in every Possible Manner.

Dars-e-Quraan For Women

KMCTrust is also running weekly Dars for Women providing religious education free of cost. Also arrange Tafseer-ul-Quran in the Holy Month of Ramazan.