About Our Trust

About Us

Kalsoom Mother Care Trust (KMCTrust) is a Non Profit Organization Registered From The Government Of Pakistan. Our Aim is to Serve Mankind Specially Poors, Orphans, Widows and Old age Peoples in Every Possible Manner. We Provide Free Education support to Poors and Orphans, Quran Learning Academy is Functional and Wedding Expense Support is Also Provided.

Our Projects

KMCTrust is Running Multiple Projects Under One Roof to serve Mankind in a better way, some of the Running Projects are Al-Latif Free Dispensary, Kalsoom Mother Care Trust, Old Age Homes, Free Education for Poors and Orphans, Quran Learning Academy.

KMC Trust

Our Vision

We are dedicated to alleviate the suffering of patients and transforming the lives of the people through education.

Support Us

We wish to reach out to more people and do much more than our current programs For this we need more funds, more volunteers and your continued support!Please consider Donating Money to KMC Trust. Please Contact Us OR Call at 0092-331-4822721 for Donations.

Donate Us

Account Title: Kalsoom Mother Care Trust Reg

Account No: 01-200-4720-8

Bank Name: Allied Bank Awan Town Branch

Branch Code: (0538)

Since 2010 we have served more than 30,000 patients with qualified doctors, provided shelter to old people and supported financially for weddings and education. But we need help from donors who believe in human welfare to donate at KMC Trust. We highly appreciate your contribution in this cause. We make sure that your donations will reach to most deserving people. We wish to reach out to more people and do much more than our current programs For this we need more funds, more volunteers and your continued support! Please consider Donating Money to KMC Trust. Please Contact Us OR Call at 0092-331-4822721 for Donations.

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